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The purpose of this book is to penetrate and heal the soul of the Pastor’s kid, illuminate the understanding of members in the congregation who interact with Pastor’s kids, and to bridge the gap of conflict between the Pastor, the children and the congregation altogether. You’d be surprised at what each role in this triune relationship and representation of the body of Christ doesn’t know about the other two. It is imperative that they all understand each other’s strengths, responsibilities, weaknesses, pain, and purpose in the congregation, at least, to a decent degree. In the Prophet Hosea 4:6 (NKJV), the Lord declares that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being my priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” It is usually what we don’t know that causes the most harm, damage and destruction in our congregation, relationship with the Lord and relationship with one another. Growing Up PK puts each one of these characters (the Pastor, the PK, and the member) in each other’s shoes, in hopes that correction, understanding and healing will be the end result for all three.

Furthermore, this manuscript is for the Pastor’s kid personally. The author lets the PK in on her own experience; exposing her failures, learning experiences, pains, successes, victories, and growth, that she may relate to and reach the PK who feels burned out from helping their parents, disconnected from God, angry with their siblings and church members, hiding unresolved trauma and secrets that injured them in their private life, etc. Tabitha intertwines notable teaching, scripture examples, references and research with reality and tangible scenarios that any Pastor’s kid can relate to. The book relates, and empathizes with the reader, but also gives strategies on how to counteract these issues and conflicts between Christian congregations and the first family of the congregation that have been known to stunt membership, people growth and PK growth for years. The author wants to restructure the way that the Pastor’s kid processes their personal life and experience, growing up healthy, in the true admonition of the Lord. Tabitha wants the Pastor’s kid to pay attention to their own authentic purpose, anointing, and personhood. This book comes for the PK who has lost their identity in their parent’s work, ministry and vision.

Growing Up PK comes after the ways of rebellion of the PK. It also exposes the gossip, pre-conceived notions and mishandling that members can bring upon the PK. Lastly, the book corrects the Pastor who slumbers on their child’s overall mental and emotional health; blind to where their child has showed signs of overwhelming stress, exhaustion, frustration, heaviness, guilt, and trauma. However, this book doesn’t just reveal the woes of the PK’s experience, but it also reveals the blessings and benefits of the experience. God didn’t make a mistake when He gave Pastors a family and children. The manuscript reveals the glory that is concealed in the correct management of each relationship between the PK, the Pastor and the member. Chains can be broken, and God’s kingdom can expand by applying the strategies and information that this material has to offer. Dive in and receive!

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